Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

Regarding Rack Rental

What are the specifications of the rack cabinets for rental?
EIA Standard, 19-inch Rack For detailed dimensions, please contact us.
Can we bring-in our own rack cabinets?
As bring-in space is limited, please contact us for more information.
Can we install a UPS in the rack cabinets?
UPS is not required since the power supply to our rack cabinets is uninterruptible. However it can be installed as long as it fits within the rack cabinet.
How are the rack cabinets connected?
They are connected via IDF (IDC facility). The cabling between the rack cabinets you are using to the IDF will be laid out by our company.
What about the connection between neighboring rack cabinets?
Users are free to connect. (If using nearby rack cabinets, the panels on the racks can be removed)
What are the costs included in the rack rental service?
In addition the using the rack , key management, access management, load-in/load-out management are included. All management fees are for unlimited use.
Do you offer services for generalized work and duties?
We offer such services as a part of our operation support. Please refer to the operation support item page.
What is the cost?
The costs will fluctuate in accordance to the amount of electricity used. Please contact us for more details.
Do you really charge no initial cost?
Regarding our rack rental service, regardless of the number of power supplies, there are no initial costs necessary.
What is the security measures before entering the IDC?
We have chart indicating such in the security item page. Please refer to the security item page.
Would I be able to go to the IDC during the night in case of emergency?
We are open 24 hours everyday for 365 days of the year. You can enter the facility any time of the day and night.

Operation Support 

Do you offer operation support aside from general tasks and duties?
It would be possible if the work can be described in a manual (or instruction). Please contact us for more details.
How often do we receive the periodic update reports?
In general, the reports are sent on a monthly basis. However, we can provide them according to your preference.

Line Connection 

Please inform us of the telecommunication carriers that we can use.
Since we are carrier Neutral, all carriers are welcome.
Do you have internet connection service?
We have internet connection with structured cabling in our data center. Please feel free to contact us for details.

IX Connectivity 

What are the IX providers that we can connect to?
JPIX,BBIX and JPNAP. To apply for connection, etc., please contact per IX provider.
What is the type of line connectivity we could use?
It will vary depending on the service menu per IX provider, but SMF, MMF, CAT5e are available for all line types.

Other Services 

Can we install equipment inside the rack cabinets?
If there are installation manuals and equipment diagram, it is possible.
Do you offer disposal services for packing materials of equipment, etc.?
We will dispose of cardboard, Styrofoam materials with customer expense.Other than above, customer has to dispose by themselves.
Would you be able to keep some equipment (i.e. servers) that we will send by courier?
It depends on quantity and duration.However we will keep them for a short period of time. Please contact us.