Achieving “Increased Degree of Freedom in Connectivity”
by maintaining high-quality telecommunication infrastructure.

Domestic network, undersea cable, IX, backbone, interconnected data center —. Interconnection that has a “High Degree of Freedom in Connectivity” is achieved by maintaining high-quality telecommunication infrastructure.

Network / Backbone

West Japan’s largest interconnection hub.

NTT DATA Dojima MMR provides West Japan’s largest interconnection hub. In regards to domestic networks, a “carrier-neutral” data center in Dojima, the telecommunication center of West Japan is provided. Supporting not only the network connection between Tokyo and Osaka, but long-distance network connections for “multiple carriers” and “multiple connection paths” are supported. In addition, the connectivity within the NTT Telepark Dojima in recent years has improved, fulfilling interconnectivity functions to other data centers in Osaka city. Furthermore, it is optimal for use as a connection hub to the “Shima undersea cable landing station” that can connect West Japan to the rest of the world.

With many major domestic and international communication providers in-house, you can review from a wide variety of transit connectivity options.

Network Environment

  • colt
  • NTT Communications
  • NTT Smart Connect
  • NTT西日本
  • SoftBank
  • TOKAI Communications Corporation
  • ZTV

IX / PNI / Cloud Connection

Connectivity to the 3 major domestic IXs.
Provides PNI at low cost.

Telepark Dojima is the only place where there is local connectivity to the Osaka connection point (one of the 3 major domestic IXs). In addition, since overseas content providers actively promoting the connectivity to the Osaka IX, contribution to decrease the back-to-back traffic congestion and latency towards Tokyo for the ISP and CATV providers of West Japan is expected. Furthermore, due to its promotion of PNI in addition to IXs, and provision of local connectivity usage fees at a low cost, this makes it possible to operate private connectivity at low cost with various providers (ex. connectivity to cloud services).

Please see here for PeeringDB.

IX / PNI / Cloud Connection